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About Debra Burrell CSW

Debra Burrell CSW is a licensed psychotherapist and nationally-recognized relationship expert. In her more than 25 years as a therapist, she has developed a keen insight into the complex issues that couples face, as well as a good understanding of human nature. She works to help her clients get through their problems and regain a sense of vitality.

Debra trained directly with Dr. John Gray, author of the best-seller "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus." She maintains a thriving Manhattan general therapy practice dedicated to both couples and individuals seeking practical and professional assistance for their personal wellbeing.

Debra Burrell

A Career of Helping

Over her career, Debra has helped hundreds of people in difficult and problematic relationships. Her clients have discovered that "as you change, the people around you change" to be an accurate and useful concept — even when they enter therapy without their partners' equal participation. She provides an environment of warmth and compassion to people in difficult, embarrassing, and painful situations. She works to ensure that the counseling experience helps people get the results they desire or achieve a good understanding of why they have not.

Debra Burrell is an oft-cited professional authority, lecturer, and workshop leader on all aspects of difficult relationships issues. These issues might include infidelity, money disputes, abuse, and lack of sexual desire. She has been acknowledged by Dr. John Gray for her contributions to his seminars.

Education & Recognition

  • Temple University, Philadelphia
  • Rutgers University, New Jersey
  • Certified Diplomat of Clinical Social Work
  • National Association of Clinical Social Workers
  • Masters & Johnson Sexual Trauma Program
  • National Speakers Association
  • Community Trauma Response Team

Media Appearances

As a popular therapist and nationally-recognized Relationship Expert, Debra is known for her relaxed, confident, and informative style. As a frequent guest expert, she's appeared on many nationally-syndicated shows. Her keen insight into the complex issues that couples face makes her a much-sought-after authority for television and radio. She has appeared on:
  • Montel Williams Show (CBS-TV)
  • Good Day New York (ABC-TV)
  • CourtTV Radio (Sirius Satellite Radio)
  • Inside Edition (King World Productions)


As a Relationship Authority, Debra has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Town and Country Magazine, the London Sunday Times, New York Post, Maxim for Men, Women First, and Divorce Magazine. In addition to these appearances, she's also led a sold-out workshop for couples at the Mars-Venus Counseling Center, The New York Open Center, the Learning Annex, and the 92nd Street Y in New York City. You can find some of these appearance listed below:
The Wall Street Journal
"Love, Shift, Delete: Saying Bye-Byte In a Digital Age"
March 27, 2006
"... people check social networking sites such as Friendster and News Corp.'s, as well as Internet dating haunts, to see if their ex has met someone new."

London Sunday Times
"Is there Life on Mars?" — March 30, 1997

New York Post - Sunday Edition
Relationships — February 18, 2001

Town & Country Magazine
Wealth Column, "He Says, She Says" — April 1999

Fitness Magazine
"When To Act Like A Guy — What Can You Learn From Someone Who Is Genetically Programmed To Leave His Socks On The Floor?" — May 2001

Complete Woman Magazine
"When It's Time to Call It Quits" — Spring 2001

Divorce Magazine
"Practical Peacekeeping Tips" — Summer 2000

Top Tips from Mediators & Counselors — Fall 2000

Abusive Marriages — Winter 1999

Sex & Divorce — Winter 1999

"Can You Rescue Your Relationship?" — Spring 1998

Emotional Divorce — Fall 1997

Cosmopolitan Magazine
"Are You Lazy in Love?" — May 2000

"Commit or Quit" — April 2001

"Getting Rid of Unwanted Guests" — June 2000

MSN's Central
"Why Women Make Managers"
"Women managers tend to have more of a desire to build than a desire to win..."